March Updates: Project Announcement!

March is my “pandemic anniversary,” and I gotta admit the last year has made it difficult for me to muster up the energy to post. That said, pandemic blues are not the only reason why I stayed away. I’ve also been working on a very big project that will drop at the end of this month!

September Updates: New Words, New Podcasts, and What I’m Watching

Alas, look what the cat dragged in. After a summer filled with ups and downs (and plenty of social-distance camping to keep my sanity), I’m back to puttering away in the office. As part of this, I wanted to make a quick post about what I’ve been up to over the past couple of months, and where to check out my recent work. I’m also going to dip into new shows and series that I’ve been watching that may be of interest.

A New Start

For those of you who were following this blog before (and haven’t seen it updated in ages)—hello! I’m back from the dead. I’ve also returned with a complete 180 degree switch in content.