5 Romance Recs for Galentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and if you’re anything like me – a fan of free chocolate and a bit obsessed with fictional villains – you might be looking for some romance recs to help you weather the winter holiday. There’s a lot of lists out there for mainstream romance, but if you’re looking for fantasy or sci-fi – if you’re looking for more uhh, niche stuff, inside of that – then I might have a couple things up my sleeve.

Yes, that is a tail.

As always, my recs come with a list of tropes and content warnings so you can tailor your reading/watching preferences even further. Hope you enjoy, and happy Galentine’s Day!

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‘Office’ And The Horror Of Millennial Job Prospects

I’m finally getting around to talking about Office – perhaps because it’s that time of the year. New year, new me, everyone keeps saying, and I am good, but the rest of the world is definitely stressful. I’ve been dealing with it the way I deal with most stressful things: by watching horror movies until I fall asleep with the TV blaring.

Office was released in 2015, so it’s definitely not new. But for those of you who haven’t seen it yet: it’s a Korean thriller by Won-Chan Hong, where an overworked intern deals with ghostly possession and an unhinged coworker. The depiction of unsteady, underpaid work as a subliminal form of terror is a great analogy to draw.

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2018 Roundup: The Top 10 TV Shows For People Who Love Lightsabers And Enemies-to-Lovers

Just so you know what you’re getting into.

I have to admit I’m pretty pleased that I got this list together before 2018 goes out with a bang.

There’s a million of these circulating online, partially because it’s the season. As someone who spends a little too much time in front of a screen – and as someone who loves pretty dresses and mechs in equal measure – I’ve been told my tastes in fiction are kinda niche. I’m not sure if I should take this as a compliment, but I’ve also been asked on more than one occasion to supply an official list of recs. So consider this my go-to list of shows that I’ve watched this year, if you’re an enemies-to-lovers and SFF/horror fan like myself.

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NaNoWriMo 2018: A Postmortem And Practical Tips From A Beginner

I finally did it.

Every now and then – when Murphy’s Law cuts me a break and the planets align through some sort of ordinance – a couple good things happen in quick succession. I’ve always been wary of putting too much faith in good events because I’m a cautious person by nature, but November was a good month for me. For the first time ever I managed to participate in NaNoWriMo (details on the event are here).

The final tally.

Not only did I complete the 50,000 words required to ‘win’ the competition, but I finished the first full draft of my novel at just under 80,000 – a big feat for a beginner like myself who was terrified of entering.

I’ve known about NaNoWriMo for ages, but I’ve always been held back by my anxiety. What if I start and don’t finish? What if I fall short of 50,000 words, or I end up hating my manuscript? These are the thoughts that kept me up at night.

There’s a ton of NaNoWriMo how-to posts out there, and I don’t want to add to the deluge, but if you’re thinking of participating in NaNo and you’re an anxious writer like me, my tips might help.

As always with writing advice, take mine with a grain of salt – there’s no right way to go about drafting a story. This is doubly so if you write on the fly. You’ll probably find my need for structure to be suffocating.

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A New Start

For those who were following this blog before (and haven’t seen it updated in ages) – hello, I’m back from the dead! I’ve returned with a complete 180 degree switch in content.

I’m going to keep this post extremely short, but the tl;dr is that I’m re-purposing this blog for writing, as that’s the direction life has taken me. I’ll be posting my articles, essays, and reviews unaffiliated with other websites, so if you decide to unfollow, no problem! I know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I hope you all have a great December, and happy holidays.