One Book a Week Review: GASLIGHT HADES, by Grace Draven

One Book a Week Illustration for GASLIGHT HADES

Genre(s): Adult, Steampunk Romance.
Read It If You Like: Lovecraftian Fiction, Monster Husbands, Monster Romance, Second Chances, Airships, the Victorian Era.
Content Warnings: None.
Rating: ✩✩✩✩

What It’s About

In the early days of a dreary London winter, Lenore’s beloved father—an inventor of airships—dies from an unknown cause. At his funeral, Lenore meets the Bonekeeper, a mechanical creature who is tasked with watching over the graveyard.

Wraith-like and beautiful, the Bonekeeper looks nothing like Lenore’s long-lost fiance, Nathaniel, who was killed in an airship battle. Even still, the Bonekeeper has all of Nathaniel’s mannerisms, and he reminds Lenore of what she’s given up.

When Lenore finally decides to follow in her father’s footsteps and accept an airship position, her budding relationship with the Bonekeeper is tested. If they don’t come clean and talk about each other’s feelings, they may never get another chance.

The Review

When I say that I loved almost everything about Grace Draven’s GASLIGHT HADES, I literally mean “almost everything.”

I love Lenore, and her interest in inventions; how she loves her father’s work but has no illusions as to the quality of his interpersonal relationships, and how that quality fractured his own relationship with her mother. I’m a fan of Lenore’s quiet determination and how she navigates difficult social situations with grace.

The Bonekeeper is a complex, gentle, understanding love interest. The world-building is great, and the Lovecraftian monster elements are fully fleshed out. Essentially, my only complaint about this book is that it was too short. The ending felt rushed and could have easily been an additional hundred pages.

To be fair, though, this is a common complaint I have with Grace Draven’s books: I often find the worldbuilding is good but too large for the size of the story. As a result, events get summarized before they’re ready to conclude.

Would I Recommend This Book to Others?

Yes, especially if you’re the kind of person who likes their steampunk with a heavy dose of romance. I also talked about this book in my Frolic article, steampunk romance novels to check out.

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2 thoughts on “One Book a Week Review: GASLIGHT HADES, by Grace Draven

  1. I agree! I loved this book and wanted more. I keep hoping she’ll write more in this universe but haven’t found anything else so far although it’s listed on GR as first in a series.

    1. Draven’s worldbuilding is so good! It’s so expansive in all her books but especially this one. The rift where all the Lovecraftian creatures emerge was my favorite part. The description of it is so vivid.

      Do let me know if there’s any movement on the rest of the series. I know there are books planned, but so far I see no publication date.

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