One Book a Week Review: DRACULA, by Bram Stoker

What It’s About – A London solicitor named Jonathan Harker arrives at the Count’s Transylvania castle, to help him sort out his legal affairs. While there, Jonathan leans that he’s been lured to the castle under false pretenses, and that the Count is a vampire, determined to feast on his blood.

One Book a Week Review: WICKED, by Jennifer L. Armentrout

What It’s About – Ivy Morgan has a busy schedule. As a stressed-out university student who works as a fairy hunter, she spends her days studying for exams. Her nights are devoted to keeping New Orleans safe from supernatural creatures. When she meets a fellow hunter named Ren, her dedication to her job (and her emotional distance) begin to falter.

What to Read Next: Recommendation Roundup, Pandemic Edition

Well, well, well. I’m finally sinking back into a regular posting schedule, and I have to admit it feels a bit weird since I’ve been writing everywhere but my blog for a long time. Not weird in a bad way, per se, but still strange. To make it easier on everyone, I’m going to round up a list of sci-fi series (books and movies) that I’ve watched through the course of the pandemic and enjoyed.

5 Romance Recs for Galentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and if you’re anything like me—a fan of free chocolate and a bit too obsessed with fictional villains—you might be looking for some romance recs to help you weather this winter holiday. There’s a lot of lists out there for mainstream romance that are really good, but if you’re looking for fantasy or sci-fi—if you’re looking for more uhh, niche stuff, inside of that—then I might have a couple recommendations up my sleeve.