One Book a Week

One Book a Week (#1BookAWeek) is an ongoing challenge where I read, review, and illustrate one book every week. Each review contains:

  1. The title, author, and genre of the book.
  2. A list of tropes and content warnings.
  3. A rating out of five stars.
  4. The review itself.
  5. Links to buy.
  6. The art.

This ongoing initiative was started as a pandemic-era passion project, but it was also conceived as a way to address several issues that I’ve run across!

Basically: I love adult fiction, and I know it well, but I’ve seen others try to make the jump from YA to adult only to get overwhelmed by the size/scope of the category. I’m hoping to help make the process more searchable.

I also wanted an excuse to start another sequential art project, and my Kindle screen is too small to do these ebook covers justice. That’s how the art side came about.

What Do I Cover?

  • Adult SFF*
  • Fairytales/Retellings.
  • Horror (All subgenres).
  • Romance (Fantasy, Gothic, Historical, Paranormal Sci-Fi, Steampunk).
  • “The Classics” (i.e. I will read those very old, oft-cited books like LITTLE WOMEN because why not).

*SFF = Science Fiction & Fantasy.

Please Note:

  • I occasionally cover YA SFF, but it’s not my main focus.
  • I do not cover contemporary fiction for #1BookAWeek.
  • I do not cover MG in any genre.

Looking for Book Recommendations by (Sub)Genre or Category?

Click on the links below:

How the Book Review Rating System Works

*/1 Star: Very occasionally, I’ll rate a book one star. This means it’s not recommended, usually because of subtext/content.

**/2 Stars: The book is OK. It’s passable and I was able to finish it, but it comes with some significant issues either in its subtext or its pacing. There’s a higher chance of content warnings with this.

***/3 Stars: A good book, but maybe not the best for me. Books that are rated three stars are not bad. It just means the prose/plot/pacing/characters didn’t click in the way I wanted them to. 100% personal preference stuff.

****/4 Stars: An extremely enjoyable book. Not perfect, but good enough that I would easily recommend it.

*****/5 Stars: Show-stopping, phenomenal, perfect. I adore this book so much I’ll be thinking about it for weeks.

Do you have a book that you want me to read? Recommend it through my contact form, or drop a comment below!

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